Below are examples of the type of sculptures available to you. The only limit is your imagination.

2 swans      Folsom Hearts for Mary 007

today-show-ice-bar               184737_473106286081185_501529005_nbasket    11803_371494302909051_1631173102_n    530681_479146692143811_1036408228_n

champagne cocktail bar   champagne luge  387232_10200580771095706_1550362614_n

027                            bride in grooms arms  Champagnecooler   66736_2623991814292_1726491321_n Christmas Star556266_2066148108548_1291321793_n         corporate ice 2       50th Birthday       corporate ice     clam     Crystal-Vase    270763_418229511568863_1613133990_n        21 Luge for Vivian 004        aquatic9    dolphin   doves

GiantSwan             dolphins2CRR-2516 (2)                    dragon food tray    Ice for Prom 030      ice gondola bottle holder    Ice Training 1-2013 also camping 137              ice_swan_12                            Ice_Sculpture love  ice_vase  Ice-Carvings-0081   ice_wedding_cake  IceKingHeartIcesmbig  Patron Luge(1)  Ice-sclupture-bar    martini glass  pink-wedding-flowers-ice-sculpture-vase    Marie Antoinette Wedding - Ice Sculpture                                     love  pickup_truck2                   reindeer     turtle  plain tray    seahorse    395635_480424182016062_543118612_n stork  This-ice-sculpture-food-display-is-so-neat   fish      wedding cake-on-ice-sculpture  536_pierced_heart_with_ribbon                     Ice Training 1-2013 also camping 045              car       ice bar             basket 2

ice2tray        Ice Sculpture Windfall Farms 007   Ice Training 1-2013 also camping 105  Ice Training 1-2013 also camping 147                                               SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503